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Crazy Woman!!!!

We took an afternoon ride thru Crazy Woman Canyon Road. This After a steep drop down into the canyon, you follow Crazy Woman Creek through an amazing canyon with towering steep canyon walls and lush green trees and brush and colorful flora from the wildflowers.

The road is narrow, and you have to suck it in if you meet someone. The close proximity when meeting vehicles often led to a polite conversation while passing.

The legend/folklore of "Crazy Woman" in Wyoming is varied but the most common is the story of the Morgan family. The family was traveling via covered wagon when they were attacked by Sioux warriors. Three children and their father were killed, but Mrs. Morgan survived the attack. After witnessing these horrors, she lost her mind. She stole an axe from a warrior and attacked, killing four as the Sioux fled.

Soon after, a mountain man named Johnson came upon the bloody scene. He buried the husband and children, and tried to get Mrs. Morgan to leave. She refused, and he built her a small cabin. Eventually, he found her frozen body, dead from starvation. Locals knew about her presence near the stream, and dubbed it Crazy Woman Creek.

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