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Helena Montana or BUST!

Lets get the record straight, the name is pronounced HEL-eh-na, after Helena, Arkansas. Originally the name was going to be after Helena Minnesota that is pronounced Hel-EE-na but the southern pronunciation stuck. Locals will identify you as an outsider quickly if you pronounce the name wrong.

Helena is the state capital of Montana and has a population of around 30,000. This is a vibrant city that is surrounded by incredible mountain views. Amenities of a bigger city are at your disposal but still has a smaller city feel. The city originated as a gold town back in 1864 and became a very wealthy city with 50 millionaires in the city by 1888. It was the wealthiest city, per capita, in the world at the time.

I have been through Helena many times over the years but have never stopped. We really enjoyed our opportunity to experience this city. There is a "walking mall" in the middle of downtown that is really cool. They basically closed off the road for a few blocks and made it into a big courtyard that provides the locals and visitors a unique way to experience the history and shopping in the area.

Ten-Mile Creek Brewery is located on the walking mall and Patricia went to a Sunday morning Yoga session that was held out in the walking mall. Of course we had to followed that up with a sample of their refreshments.

The State Capital and Cathedral of Saint Helena located downtown. These classic structures, along with many other old buildings, provide a historic feel to the area.

Outdoor adventure is at the backdoor of Helena and it was clear that the locals take advantage. Campers, boats, and ATVs were standard fare in the neighborhoods.

This is a place we certainly would consider to call home.

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