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The Count Down Begins.........Maybe.

The countdown to our schedule departure of April 1st has begun. I have almost finished the update to our power bank (switch to lithium, new inverter/converted, and solar) but now the COVID-19 virus panic is starting to close many state parks. Now we are on the fence if a April 1st deadline is realistic. We would hate to hit the road an now have problems finding places to stay.

Couple of ways to look at it. Go ahead a leave, if we have problems getting into sites, head back to Florida. We are only a couple of days away. Another thought is to delay our departure until the impact of COVID-19 is more clear. I truly believe that the media is hyping this thing to the extreme but the reality is how the country is responding to this hype. If our options for sites is impacted significantly it doesn't matter if the panic is valid or not.

We will make a decision at the end of the month. Hopefully the crystal ball will be clear by then !

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