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How We Roll

June 2023 - Present

 We updated our rig in the early summer of 2023.  Our Outback served us well but we were definitely feeling the pains of not have a real comfortable living space.  We didn't think we could do a change on the road since we need to rig it for extended dry camping with Solar and Lithium power banks and planned on making a change in the fall, but we ran across this Cougar 26RBS while we were out looking at floor plans and found that it already was rigged with solar and lithium batteries.  While the solar was a little below our desired capacity, it would definitely meet our needs with just a little generator supplemental power.  

 The Cougar is 2 feet longer than the Outback, but by eliminating the toy hauler and the addition of a substantial side slide, the increase in space is significant.

 In 2022 we added the CanAm Maverick Sport MAX side by side to our fleet.  We keep this stored in Buffalo WY and shuttle it between the Black Hills and the Big Horns during our stay in these regions.  It has been a real game changer in our exploration of these area.


2019 - June 2023

Our rig is a 2018 Outback 240URS that we are pulling with a 2018 Silverado 1500 LTZ with the 6.2L V8 and the max trailering package.

 The 240URS has a dry weight of #5000 and a GVWR of #7800.

 The trailer is a little bigger than we originally wanted but the front toy-hauler allowed us to bring our motorcycle to use for touring around the regions we are staying.  We don't need the bunks that are in the front but this will serve as an office area when we drop anchor.

 The nice thing about having a front toy-hauler is the rest of the rig is just like a normal RV and doesn't have the utility feel that smaller rear toy-haulers have. We originally wanted a walk around bed but this was a compromise that allowed us to bring a motorcycle along.

 So far we have been very happy with the tow vehicle.  Pulls the load exceptionally well. 

 We have a number of projects planned to make both the tow vehicle and our travel trailer or own and fit our needs.  I will post these projects as they move forward.


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