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2022 Travel Plans

We have a little twist in our 2022 travel plans.

 We purchased at Can-Am Maverick Sport MAX side by side (4 seater) and plan to spend some extended time in the Black Hills and Big Horn Mountains and do some exploring!  This will leave us in one place for longer periods of time and give us a chance to explore the hundreds of miles of trails in each of the regions.

 Our son Alex is also back from Asia and is in Pueblo CO.  We haven't seen him for 3+ years and will be altering our plans to spend some time in CO. 

 We have some of our schedule ironed out but will likely change when we make adjustments to visit Alex.

Final Route !

Maverick Max_edited.jpg

May 16th - Depart Auburndale Florida (The Hamptons)

May 16th- East Bank Army Corp of Engineers Campground

May 17th- Whitten Park, Fulton MS

May 18th- Elks Lodge, Springfield MO

May 19th- Bob Shetler Rec Area, Des Moines IA

May 21th- Big Sioux Rec Area Brandon SD

May 27th- AJ Acres Clearwater MN

June 1st- Left Tailrace Ft Thompson SD

June 3rd- Badlands Wall SD

June 5th- Wasta SD, 24 Express Campground

June 6th- Big Pines Custer SD

June 27th- Spearfish City Campground 

July11th- Big Horn Mountains Buffalo WY

Aug 5th- Langhor Bozeman MT 

Aug 7th- Eagle Creek Campground, Gardner MT

Aug 5th- Lake Pueblo State Park, Pueblo CO

Aug 12th- Boyson State Park WY 

Aug 15th- Mustang Ridge (Flaming Gourge UT)

Aug 15th- Stevens Point Campground, Gunnison CO

Aug 18rd- Saddlehorn Campground UT

Aug 23rd- Valley of the Gods (UT)

Aug 28th- Mesa Verde NP (CO)

Sept 1st- Riana - Abiquiu Lake, New Mexico

Sept 5th- Elephant Butte State Park, Truth or Consequences NM

Sept 6th- Mountain View Park, Elk Horn TX

Sept 7th- Elks Lodge, Katy TX

Sept 8th- Elks Lodge Pensacola FL

Sept 9th- Home

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