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Places I have flown in 2023

  • Jim Griggs Sports Complex, Alamogordo NM 8/17/2023

  • Langoni Sports Complex Pueblo CO 5/28/2023 8/10/2023

  • Practice football field and track, Buffalo WY 7/15/2023

  • Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming 7/13/2023

  • Practice Football Field, Spearfish SD 7/3/2023

  • High School grassy field, Custer SD 6/15/2023

  • Wheatland WY Ball Field Wheatland WY 6/6/2023

  • Langoni Sports Complex Pueblo CO 5/28/2023

  • Sky Corral RC Club Pueblo CO 5/27/2023

  • Waurika Lake AL Chisolm Trail Park 5/24/2023

  • Millers Ferry AL Volunteer Fire Dept 5/19/2023

  • Camden AL  Bessie Munden Park 5/18/2023

 Jim Greggs Sports Complex, Alamogordo NM (8/17/2023)

  Adjacent to the ball field in the complex is a big open field.  I met a RC heli pilot at the field and he indicated that the field is often used by ultra lights that are launching from the mountains.  This used to be an actual designated RC field before the ballfields were put in.  You can see evidence of the runway in the upper left of the yellow box in the image below.

 Wheatland Ballfield, Wheatland WY (6/6/2023)

  We had an overnight stay in Wheatland but this ballfield was right behind where we were camping.  Had to go check it out.  Small space to fly, fine for the Twisted Hobbies foamy but not enough space to fly the Extra.

 Sky Corral, Pueblo CO (5/29/2023)

  Sky Corral is a club site in Pueblo that is located out in the desert.  LOTS of open space.  Weird not having and physical references when flying.  Tended to fly further way.

 3 runways to accommodate any wind conditions.  The 3rd runway is rough but would do in a pinch.

 Had to opportunity to met a great group of flyers and really enjoyed my time flying here.

Waurika Lake, Waurika OK (5/24/2023)

  Found a nice freshly cut grass field by the boat ramp to Waurika Lake. Perfect for flying the foamy and the 48" Extra. Was able to even use the road as a runway for the Extra!

Volunteer Fire Dept, Millers Ferry AL (5/19/2023)

  With the rain and wet conditions of Bessie Munden Park, I decided to go to a different site.  There was an area right next to the Millers Ferry Volunteer Fire Dept that was perfect for the Twisted Hobbies Slick.  Not ideal for the 48" Extra.  A little tight but it was just fine for what I was doing.

Bessie Munden Park, Camden AL (5/18/2023)

  Relatively large are to fly but it is surrounded by obstacles and also has obstacles in the area you fly. Heavy rain from the night before made for a rather soggy affair.  Stillm I was able to fly my 48" Extra along with the Twisted Hobbies plane. Would definitely be a better experience without the standing water from the rain.

Places I have flown in 2022

  • Sneads FL  Adam Tucker Wilson Park 5/16/2022

  • Brandon SD McHardy Park Soccer Field 5/22/2022 - 5/26/2022

  • Clearwater MN, Sportsman Park Ballfield  5/28/2022

  • Ft Thompson SD, Left Tailrace Rec Area 6/2/2022

  • Wasta SD, Campground 6/5/2022

  • Custer SD, Ballfield 6/7/2022

  • Pueblo CO, Langoni Sports Complex 6/11/2022

  • Spearfish SD, High School Field 6/27/2022

  • Spearfish SD, Practice Football Field 6/27/2022

  • Big Horns, Grouse Mountain 7/11/2022

  • Big Horns, Elgin Park 7/19/2022

  • Big Horns, Canyon Creek 7/21/2022

  • Pueblo CO, Pueblo Reservoir 8/5/2022

  • Pueblo CO, Leah Gonzales Park 8/6/2022

  • Fruita CO, Little Salt Wash Sports Complex 8/19/2022

  • Fruita CO, Fruita Middle School 8/20/2022

  • Mexican Hat UT, Valley of the Gods 8/24/2022

Valley of the Gods, Mexican Hat UT (8/24/2022)

  The backdrop here is incredible!  Lots of open space, the biggest challenge is the lack of soft ground.  It's like cement, a normal landing chews up the bottom of the plane.  I've resorted to mostly hand catch landings. I'm also hesitant to do any low hovering, a single mistake will likely damage the plane.  I adjusted and made the most of it.

Middle School Field, Fruita CO (8/20/2022)

  The Little Salt Wash Sports Complex was a little busy with people running their dogs so I decided to try out the Middle School since it was a week-end morning. Field worked quite well. I flew on the south end, which is narrow, but it worked out ok. I might try flying on the east sideso I have more room.

Little Salt Wash Sports Complex, Fruita CO (8/19/2022)

  The sports complex has mostly baseball fields but it does have a open field in the back that appears to be used for Soccer. While I could have used the baseball fields, the soccer field was a better choice.  The orientation of the field was perfect for morning flying. The only downside is the locals like to run their dogs here. They mostly kept there distance but it was a slight distraction.

Leah Gonzales Park Pueblo CO (8/6/2022)

 I stumbled across this park while out running errands.  One of the best sites I have found. The north/south orientation is perfect for morning flying. The grass is well maintained and nice and cushy, and LOTS of SPACE. A picnic table was even in the perfect spot to set the plane on while changing batteries.  What more could you want?

Grouse Mountain / Big Horns (7/11/2022)

 I was able to fly right outside the front door of our camper.  LOTS of open space and can fly in any direction.

Pueblo CO Langoni Sports Complex (6/11/2022)

 I found this amazing open field just 5 minutes from Alex's house.  It's a big soccer complex but all of the nets had been pulled in so the open space was hugh!!  I used a VERY portion of the field for flying.

Custer SD Ballfield (6/7/2022)

 This ballfield is located just a 1/2 mile from our campground. Very convenient! The grass was nice and cushy making for a soft landing.  The infield was wet but I stay away from the infield anyway since it's hard on the plane.  Space was a little tight, just had to be careful for the light poles.

Wasta SD Campground (6/5/2022)

 We stopped at a campground in Wasta SD for an overnight stay.  While there were absolutely no ammenities in this campground it did have a field right outside our door that was perfect for flying the Twisted Hobbies foamy!  Didn't have to drive, just walked a few feet to fly!

Left Tailrace Rec Area, Ft Thompson SD (6/2/2022)

 I typically have flown at the park that is located in the east side of the Rec area but there was a Pow Wow going on so the park was full of trailers, teepees, and horse corals. I found another location that worked just fine for flying the Twisted Hobbies Foamy, it was right along the overflow channel of the dam.  The grass was nice and tall making the belly landings nice and easy!

Sportsman Park Ballfield Clearwater MN (5/28/2022)

 Typical ballfield setup but was surrounded by lots of trees.

McHardy Park Soccer Complex Brandon SD (5/22/2022)

 Nice field for the Twisted Hobbies foamies.  Lots of obstacles (light poles and nets) but not an issue when flying a small pattern.

Adam Tucker Wilson Park Sneads FL (5/16/2022)

 Little windy for the Twisted Hobbies plane, but I made the best of it.

I flew here last year, so I didn't have to go hunting for a place to fly. Nice large area, surface was a little rough but not an issue when you hand launch and belly land it.


  • Close to our campsite

  • Lots of space

  • Limited obstacles depending on the size plane you are flying


  • Rough terrain would not have worked well for planes you couldn't hand launch

Places I have flown in 2021

  • Sneads FL  Adam Tucker Wilson Park 6/2/2021

  • Vicksburg MS Elks Lodge 6/4/2021

  • Hot Springs AR, Linden Park 6/5/2021

  • Eureka Springs AR, Leatherwood Fields 6/11/2021

  • Raymore MO, BigGreen Athletic Complex 6/17/2021

  • Belton MO, Wallace Park 6/25/2021

  • Belton MO, Country View Park 6/29/2021

  • Spearfish SD, High School Football field 7/3/2021

  • Spearfish SD Spartan Park 7/4/2021

  • Big Horn Mountains, Buffalo WY 7/16/2021

  • George Grace Field, Buffalo WY 7/19/2021

  • Fort Thompson Recreation Area, Fort Thompson SD 7/22/2021

  • Aspen Park, Brandon SD 7/28/2021

  • McHardy Park, Brandon SD 7/31/2021

  • Talahi School, St Cloud MN 8/3/2021

  • Wright Flyers, Monticello MN 8/3/2021

  • Sauk Rapids High School, Sauk Rapids MN 8/4/2021

  • City Football Fiield, Lanesboro MN 8/10/2021

  • Gateway Park, Lanesboro MN 8/11/2021

  • Ankeny High School, Ankeny IA 8/15/2021

  • Wyman Park, Sullivan IL 8/17/2021

  • City Soccer Field, Calvin City KY 8/20/2021

  • City Open Field, Calvin City KY 8/22/2021

  • Community Park, McDaniels KY 8/24/2021

  • Clearcreek Park, Shelbyville KY 9/4/2021

  • Berea Road Soccer Complex, Lexington KY 9/7/2021

  • Dekalb County Ballfield, Smithville TN 9/14/2021

Dekalb County Ballfield, Smithfield TN (9/14/2021)

 I struggled to find a place to fly in Smithfield since most of the ballfields were lock.  I finally found these two small ballfields on the backside of the high school.  Worked OK but it wasn't the best location.  We're only here 1 day so no big deal.

Berea Road Soccer Complex, Lexington KY (9/7/2021)

 The Berea Road Soccer Complex was just across the road from the campground and was a perfect spot for flying.  Very large open space and nice soft grass. Facing southwest is perfect for morning flying.  You could even park your vehicle right next to where you were flying. Really doesn't get much better than this.

Clearcreek Park, Shelbyville KY (9/4/2021)

 Clearcreek Park is was right next door to the campground and was a perfect flying spot.  Very large field with nicely groomed grass was a perfect size for the Mini Edge. The field access was in the outfield so I didn't have to land on the infield gravel and faced north so the morning sun wasn't a problem.

Community Ball Field, McDaniels KY (8/24/2021)

 Perfect spot for flying the Mini EDGE. The unused ball field was located behind the community building. Unfortunately the field is falling into a state of disrepair but at least the grass was cut and the infield was grass making for softer landings. The sun was at my back for morning flying, grass was freshly cut, and was only 5 minutes from our campsite.  What more could you ask for?

City Open Field Calvin City KY (8/22/2021)

 I was looking for a spot with a little more open space and found this large open field behind the library and next to city hall. It was also by a ball field and playground complex but it doesn't seem like this space has been ever been used.  The police station was right next door but thankfully they didn't bother me.

City Soccer Field Calvin City KY (8/20/2021)

 The soccer field is located in a beautiful city park that was 15 minutes from our campsite. The field was plenty deep but the width was a little tight with the trees, had to be a little careful.

Wyman Park, Sullivan IL (8/17/2021)

 Wyman Park is a beautiful park with 2 ball fields, soccer field, playground, and small fishing lake. I used the 2 ball fields for flying, both worked well.  The High School football field was adjacent to the park but was locked up so I stayed with the city park.

Ankeny High School, Ankeny/DesMoines IA (8/15/2021)

 Took a little searching to find a place to fly.  The ballfields I had scoped out were all "controlled/locked" fields. I finally out a field next to the high school that wasnt fenced in and locked up. Actually worked out well and was only 15 minutes from where we were staying.

Gateway Park Lanesboro MN (8/11/2021)

 The park is located along the banks of the Root River right on the edge of town.  It sits at the base of a large bluff and has good wind protection. Space is a little limited but it was definitely usable.

City Football Field, Lanesboro MN (8/10/2021)

 The football field was locked up but there was a large open area at the west end of the field.  Nice soft grass made for easy on the plane landings.

Talahi School, St Cloud MN (8/3/2021)

 Nice open area next to the school was perfect for flying.

McHardy Park, Brandon SD (7/31/2021)

 McHardy Park is a small park down by Split Rock Creek.  There is a playground, walking path, small ballfield and area for a single soccer field.  The open area is surrounded by trees so you have to be careful but the open area is plenty big for flying the Mini.

Aspen Park, Brandon SD (7/28/2021)

 Aspen Park is a large complex that includes multiple ball fields, swimming pool, volleyball courts, and even a RC track.  I found a rather large open area that is a retention pond but is currently dry. Made for a relatively decent flying location.

Old Fort Thompson Recreation Area, Fort Thompson SD (7/22/2021)

 Found a nice spot along the Missouri River in the Old Fort Thompson Recreation Area. This is mostly an unused part of the recreation area that used to be a park.  The open field looks to be occasionally mowed but is still rather long grass.​

George Grace Field, Buffalo WY (7/19/2021)

 I found a football field with a running track around it right in town that was a perfect flying spot.  The grass was nice a plush and gave a nice soft landing spot.  I flew here a few times when the wind was blowing up the mountain but was calm down in town.

Big Horn Mountains, Buffalo WY (7/16/2021)

 I was able to fly right at our campsite in the Big Horn Mountains.  We are located 15 minutes outside Buffalo WY in a site with a beautiful view.  Lots of space for flying.  The ground is a little HARD.  Not the cushy grass that I'm used to.  Need to bring the plane in easy!

Spartan Park, Spearfish SD (7/4/2021)

 I scouted out three possible flying locations in Spearfish. Spartan Park has plenty of space and a beautiful view! The section of the park I used is actually a football field. It's not in a real private location. The road next to it leads to a housing development and there our houses adjacent on 2 sides of the field.  Thankfully the Mini Edge is super quite.

Stamm RC Field, Longview MO (6/29/2021)

 Jackson County in MO has established 3 RC flying fields.  Stamm field is one of those fields.  The landing strip runs north and south but there are flying areas on both sides of the parking lot so you can fly without the sun in your face by choosing which side you fly on.

 There are nice plane stations setup on strips of rock so you don't need to worry about mowing/weed trimming around the stands and nice concrete walk ways around the stands.  A covered pavilion is setup on both runways.

 Heavy forested area surrounds the field and that could make plane recovery a challenge.  Private property is also located to the south and is designated as a do not fly zone that does limit the flying zone.

   There was only 1 person flying when I stopped by and he indicated that the field isn't busy at all.

Country View Park, Belton MO (6/29/2021)

 I found this site when I was scouting places to fly in the area. It's much smaller than Wallace Park in Belton but I used this site since Wallace Park is in a little lower location and was fogged in.

 This park is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood. There is a small tree that you really had to be careful around but the space was still workable.  I like Wallace Park better due to the larger space but this was still a decent spot to fly. 

Wallace Park, Belton MO (6/25/2021)

 I found a soccer field in a local park that is a little closer to our current location. Nice big grass field with no obstructions.  Even better than the Big Green complex since it doesn't have soccer nets setup all over. The flyable space was very large and I only used a very small portion of the available space.

BigGreen Athletic Complex, Raymore MO (6/17/2021)

 I found this complex by searching on Google Maps in Satellite mode and it turned out to be perfect. The soccer fields provided a nice open space with limited obstructions. The very lush grass provided a nice soft landing platform,

Leatherwood Fields, Eureka Springs AR (6/11/2021)

 I went scouting for a field in Eureka Springs and I came up empty handed.  Fortunately I ran into a gal at the local brewery who told me about this place.  I was perfect for my needs.  It might be a little tight with the light poles but it really didn't cause any issues.

Linder Park Hot Springs AR (6/5/2021)

 I found a small park with a single soccer field that is perfect for flying my Mini Edge. No obstructions and big enough to do the job. Site was only 10 minutes away from our campsite and worked perfectly for my needs. 

Elks Lodge Vicksburg MS (6/4/2021)

 Another beautiful calm morning.  I was able to fly in front of the Elks Lodge that were staying at.  Needed to be aware of a few power lines but they weren't in the direct line of fire.  Actually a really nice spot to fly the Mini Edge.

Adam Tucker Wilson Park Sneads FL (6/2/2021)

 Beautiful calm morning.  I searched out this city park that has a number of ball fields but it also had this large open area PERFECT for flying my little Twisted Hobbies Mini Edge 540.


  • Close to our campsite

  • Lots of space

  • Limited obstacles depending on the size plane you are flying


  • Rough terrain would not have worked well for planes you couldn't hand launch

Places I have flown in 2020

  • Sauk Rapids High School 6/9/2020

  • Dakota Flyers, Sioux Falls SD 6/19/2020

  • Mirror Lakes, Spearfish SD 7/3/2020

  • Deerfield Reservoir, Deerfield SD 7/7/2020

  • Big Horn Mountains, Ten Sleep WY 7/17/2020

  • Helena Flying Tigers, Helena MT 7/31/2020

  • Attempted Glacier RCers in Kalispell MT- members only

  • Flathead National Forest, Hungry Horse MT 8/4/2020

  • Attempted Gallatin Eagles Bozeman MT - members only

  • Big Horn Mountains, Buffalo WY 8/23/2020

  • Mirror Lakes, Spearfish SD 8/29/2020

  • Wright Co Flyers-Hayes Field Monticello MN 9/9/2020

  • Miller SD City Park 9/16/2020

  • Blackhills National Forest, Keystone SD 9/22/2020

  • Kanopolis Damn Marquette KS 10/4/2020

Kanopolis Damn Marquette KS (10/4/20)

 The wind FINALLY died down.  Fortunately I did a little scouting and found a spot to fly just in case the wind did give me a break.  The spot is located just beneath the Kanopolis Damn.  There is a very large open farm field of freshly cut alfalfa field that is adjacent to some public land.  I was able to park in a pull off to the public land and fly over the open field.

 This is one of the best spots I have flown at.  The ground was extremely flat, very large, and no obstacles.  While the gravel road that I used for a runway was a little narrow it certainly was bigger than many of the dual track roads I have had to land on.


  • Close to our campsite

  • Lots of space

  • Private location

  • No obstacles

  • Decent runway

  • Very flat


  • Can't think of any!

Blackhills National Forest Keystone SD (9/22/20)

 I found a clearing in the Blackhills National Forest using Google Maps in Satellite view. The spot was just a few miles outside of Keystone. The area looked to be used for ATVs and as a shooting range. There is plenty of space for flying. The terrain is a little hilly so you have to be careful of your altitude. Runway is limited to the 2 track road and you needed to try and stick to the space between the tracks since they are a little dep.


  • Close to our campsite

  • Lots of space

  • Private location


  • Runway is a challenge for both take-offs and landings

  • Hilly terrain

  • Rough road getting back in

Miller City Park and Campground, Miller SD (9/16/20)

 There was a spot at the north end of the park that was next to a corn field and had a small gravel road that could be used as a runway. The site was a little challenging since there was a row of tall trees parallel to the flight path.  The "runway" was actually behind the row of trees so you had to hook-in to land and hook out to take-off.  The corn field was also elevated from the runway so you really had to pay attention to your floor and fly a little higher.  

 In the end the site still allowed my to fly and have a good time


  • Right next to the campsite.

  • Smooth runway

  • Faced north so the sun wasn't a problem.


  • Trees on the south side of the flight path was a challenge.

  • Landing was a challenge since you had to hook in just before touch down,

Wright Co Flyers-Hayes Field Monticello MN (9/9/20)

Along the Mississippi just west of Monticello on Hwy 75 (part of Montissippi Park)

 Last time I was in St Cloud I flew at the Sauk Rapids High School.  School is now back in session so that wasn't an option. Fortunately I found a RC Airfield that was within driving distance that was also allowed VISITORS to fly!!

 The Wright County Flyers fly at Hayes field that is part of the Montissippi Park. The facilities were well taken care of and has a nice fabric runway. The tree line, that is parallel to the runway, is a little tight but definitely manageable. There are two radio towers on the west end that you definitely need to be aware of if you were flying bigger/faster planes. 


  • Nice runway

  • Well cared for

  • Nice stands and shelter.


  • Space can be a little tight

Big Horn Mountains (8/22/20)

8 miles outside of Buffalo on Hwy 16

 We camped in the Big Horn National Forest just outside of Buffalo at the top of the first big climb out of town. This is a common boondocking location and there are a number of campers setup in this area.

 The area I for flying is literally right out our camper door. BUT it just depends on where people decide to setup camp. The first night I had to limit myself to flying the UMX Timber but the following morning 2 of the campers left so I had ample room to fly the Timber X. The gravel road makes for a nice runway but you do have to be careful of the steel fence posts that are scattered along the road. The scenery at this location would be awesome but the smoke from the forest fires in CO, CA, ID, and OR is really limiting the scenic view. My previous flying in the Big Horns was at 9200 feet and the plane definitely handled differently. This is at a much lower elevation (6500) and the plane handles MUCH better.


  • Incredible scenery.

  • Runway right out my door.

  • Peaceful during the week.


  • Flying space can be altered by other campers.

Flathead National Forest (8/4/20)

Hungry Horse MT

 I originally looked at the Glacier RCrs flying field as a spot to do some flying.  Real nice field but a sign posted at the gate made it clear that this was a members only field, guests are allowed to fly. Too bad, the field was only 15 miles from our location.  It seems crazy to me to not be open to guests, the sport isn't that popular.  Oh well.  I located a spot along the South Fork Flathead river that is for ATVs.  It's not perfect but it is only 5 minutes from our location.  The landing options are quick rocky, have to be careful so you don't ding the prop.  It's also on the small side and is like flying in a bowl since you have high banks with trees on three sides and high trees on the fourth side. The UMX Timber was the perfect size for this area, the TimberX was a little challenging.  Really need to respect the space while you were flying.


  • Incredible scenery along the river.

  • Open to the public.

  • Close to our campsite

  • Private, not many people around


  • High banks with trees

  • Small flying area

  • Very rough ground for landing (rocks)

  • Flying into the sun in the mornings.


Really enjoyed flying here. It was great to be flying at an actual field and not some ad-hoc adventure!

Helena Flying Tigers (7/31/20)

East of Helena next to the Hidden Valley Reservoir

 Finally got to fly at any actual RC field! This field is open to the public but does require AMA membership to fly. The field was only 15 minutes from our location and was very convenient to access. I really enjoyed flying at an actual field. I didn't spend time adjusting to the field, I was immediately comfortable in the air.  Landing on a smooth surface was a different story. You soon find out how well your running gear is aligned! My plane was quickly spinning to the right as soon as I touched down.  Took a few landings to compensate so the plane didn't tip. 

  On Saturday morning I soon found out how active this club is.  While I had the field to myself at 6am,by 8am the setup tables were full with most flyers bringing multiple planes.  This place was hopping with 2 & 3 planes in the air most of the time.  There were a few flying fuel burning planes but it's clear that EDF jets are the latest wave of interest.


  • Incredible scenery.

  • Smooth runway.

  • Relatively large flying area (not as big as MFRCC though)

  • Lots of stands and tables.

  • Covered area to get out of the sun.

  • Open to the public.


  • Non-members had to walk a little to access the field.


Really enjoyed flying here. It was great to be flying at an actual field and not some ad-hoc adventure!

Big Horn Mountains (7/17/20)

Near Meadowlark Lake off of Hwy 16 in WY.

 We camped in the Big Horn National Forest near Meadowlark Lake. The area I found for flying is literally right out our camper door.  Walk 20 feet to the "runway" and go!. This is clearly the most scenic flying location I've been at and the convenience of flying right out of our campsite is just awesome.  However, all is not perfect.


  • Incredible scenery.

  • Runway right out my door.

  • Peaceful during the week


  • The runways is a real challenge. Landing in the rough isn't a real option, it is just dense enough to flip the plane (don't ask me how I know :) ). You really need to land in one of the wheel tracks.

  • CHILLY mornings!! Every morning was 41.  While the sun warmed things up quickly it is still is a little chilly.

  • The wind is crazy in the mountains.  Gusts come up out of no where and the direction is all over the place.  Landing on a single track was incredibly difficult in this wind.

  • This location is at an elevation of 9200 feet.  The handling of the plane was definitely affected by the thinner air. The reduced lift was obvious. The biggest issues was with the reduced lift was landing. The air speed during landing was definitely faster and made landings even more difficult.

 After a few days of flying I finally started to adjust to both the lift issue and landing.  Fortunately the few terrible landings I had didn't damage the plane.  

Deerfield Reservoir (7/10/20)

Hill City South Dakota

 I found this spot close to our campground and half of the flying pattern was over the reservoir. The site did pose some challenges.  It's situated in a Valley that is actually quite narrow in the middle.  Alignment to you pattern was critical or you would end up in the trees since you are actually flying below the tree/hill level in the valley.  Take-offs were ok but landing was a little tricky since you were landing on a narrow strip of gravel. The other challenge was the cold. I was flying first thing in the morning and the temps were in the low 40s. I didn't take too many flights before needed to warm up! I still enjoyed flying here if nothing else for the beauty.

Mirror Lakes (7/3/20)

Spearfish South Dakota

 It took me a while to find a place to fly in Spearfish since there are no RC fields in the area so I had to hunt to find a spot. There are a couple of fields in Rapid City but that is an hour away.

 I finally found a spot and then had to wait for the wind to finally cooperate. The spot is in a State Wildlife Management area located next to the McNenny Fish Hatchery. I was using a gravel road as a runway and then flying over an alfalfa field that was adjacent to the Wildlife Management area.  Not the best field I have flown at but certainly the most beautiful.

 The lakes are small and have multiple fishing docks situated on them. Fishing must be good since there were a number people fishing at 6am.

Dakota Flyers Field (6/19/20)

Sioux Falls South Dakota

 Nice field with excellent stands.  The runway and flying space is about half of what I'm used too. I took me a little time to get used to the different foot print of the field. The grass was quite long on my first visit and I question if any of my nitro burners would have been able to use this field.  The grass did get cut before my last visit but the field was still very soft.

 Unfortunately the field was empty during my visits. I was hoping to meet some of the local flyers. Fortunately the field isn't locked so I could at least fly.

 I wanted to check out the Sod Busters field in Sioux Falls while I was there but unfortunately the gate is locked and no members were present when I stopped by. The Sod Busters field has a paved runway and a very large flying area.  Maybe next time.

Sauk Rapids High School (6/9/20)

Sauk Rapids Minnesota

 The high school has a very large grass field for a variety of sports. While the space is very large you do have to be careful for a variety of obstacles (goal posts, light posts, soccer nets, etc. The grass was very soft and you had to use a lot of up elevator if you didn't want the plane to nose over during landings and take-offs.

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