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Our Gear

Blackstone 17" Griddle 

Picked this up for $79 at Walmart and it has proven to be a great addition to our gear.  Might even consider leaving the grill at home next year. It's compact, can run off the trailer propane or the small green bottles. 

Victron Multiplus 3000/12v Inverter/Charger

A combined inverter/charger in one elegant package. Its many features include a true sine wave inverter, adaptive charging, hybrid PowerAssist technology, plus multiple system integration features.

Victron Solar Charge Controller MPPT 100/50

 SmartSolar maximises energy-harvest, driving it intelligently to achieve full charge in the shortest possible time. SmartSolar maintains battery health, extending its life. The SmartSolar charge controller will even recharge a severely depleted battery. It can operate with a battery voltage as low as 0 Volts, provided the cells are not permanently sulphated or otherwise damaged

Victron Batter Monitor BMV-712 

With Bluetooth built-in, the BMV Smart is ready for the Internet of Things (IoT) era. With Bluetooth being implemented in most other Victron Energy products, wireless communication between products will simplify system installation and enhance performance. This monitor is key to managing your batteries. It tracks exactly how much current is being used or replenished to your battery bank. This is more accurate in determining state of charge compared to using battery voltage.

BattleBorn 100 Ah 12 V GC2 LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

Meet the 100 Ah 12 V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle battery, the pinnacle of deep cycle lithium ion battery technology! Our 100 amp hour, 12 volt battery weighs only 31 pounds and is capable of providing you power and relief from battery anxiety. Our batteries run in various systems, including marine, RV, van, and off grid! It’s time to upgrade your heavy lead acid batteries to LiFePO4 batteries and upgrade your lifestyle and ability to adventure!

200 watt solar panels from Continuous Resources 

Monocrystaline 5 busbar panel with 25 year warranty. Monocrystaline panels are the most efficient panels type.

Hughes Power Watchdog PWD30

The Hughes Autoformer PWD30 Power WatchDog Smart Surge Protector offers advanced surge protection for your coach and also has Bluetooth connectivity so you can monitor live park power conditions on your smartphone. The ability to monitor the power usage has been very useful in determining power demands to help design our power system for off-grid camping. It also has been very helpful in diagnosing issues with our refrigerator and hot water heater. I also like having a non-permanent style so you can plug into power and check the status on the LED's before plugging in the coach.

Feature highlights:

  • Designed for 30 amp RVs.

  • 2400 joules of advanced surge protection.

  • Wirelessly monitor voltage and current draw on your smartphone.

  • Power WatchDog mobile app is available on iOS and Android platforms.

  • Complete LED park power diagnostics with wireless fault alerts.

  • Sends a text message via Bluetooth if the park voltage reaches low or high levels.

  • Monitors L1 voltage and amperage, energy, and watts used via a mobile app.

  • Set custom alert thresholds.

  • Detects open neutral, open ground, L1 and neutral reversed issues, and no power.

  • Replaceable circuit board, no need to replace the whole unit in the event its protection capacity is used up.

  • Weatherproof and water resistant.

  • Does not prevent against low voltage.

  • Features loops on the handle that can be used to secure.

BAL Hide-A-Spare

We wanted to get the spare tire off the rear bumper to give easier access to the rear storage compartment. There are different models to accommodate different frame widths and open/enclosed under-carriage.

 The BAL carrier was a perfect solution with an easy install and no real loss in trailer clearance. 

LevelMate Pro

The LevelMate Pro allows you to check the level of the coach in real-time using an app on your Smart Phone. You mount a module inside the coach and do a simple calibration, 'Once you pull into a campsite you can check how much level correction is needed.  If you are using the ramp style levels you can drive up on the level blocks and stop when it's level.  As you decouple from the tow vehicle you can monitor the level and easily adjust the trailer tongue to get level front-to-back.

 This is an awesome upgrade and is highly useful.

Zero-G Hose

The Zero-G hose is a great alternative to traditional vinyl hoses that can be stiff, tough to roll-up, and a pain to store.  This hose is lighter weight,, easier handling, and longer lasting. It combines a Tru-Flex innter core for kink-free action and a high density outer jacker for durability.  It's 40% lighter than traditional vinyl hoses, 

 This is not an "expanding" hose but a soft wall hose similar to fire hose construction. It is SO much easier to store and work with compared to vinyl hose. I will never go back!

P3 P0550 Water Meter

 Useful water meter to understand our water usage and better estimate when the grey tank will need to be emptied (tank level sensors aren't very reliable).  Also useful when filling the fresh water tank.

 The meter displays the total usage (between manual resets) and the amount of the last single usage event.

 This is affordable at $16.

KIBOW Propane Y-Splitter Tee Adapter with Gauge

 I use the splitter to hookup the gas grill to the tanks on the trailer. The trailer has a propane tap but it is AFTER the regulator. Since the gas grill already has a regulator this prevented to grill from getting the amount of gas needed to obtain full temperature.


Weber Q1200 Grill

 This small grill is the best grill I have EVERY owned. Not just portable grills but all of the various full size grills I have owned over the last 40 years! The porcelain grates are designed to cover the burners and virtually eliminate flare-ups. You can put on chicken thighs or a fatty Rib-Eye steak and walk away. No more battling constant flare-ups. This grill will reach 500 degrees for cooking steak and performs very well in the wind. The lack of heat deflectors or lava rocks makes cleaning this grill easy. I will never own anything again but a Weber Q grill.

 The Q1200 is a small table top grill and only has a single burner. If I decide to buy a less portable grill I would go for a larger Q model that has dual burners but is the same basic design.

 All I can say is this grill is awesome!


Champion 3500W Inverter Generator 

 We believe the Champion generator is the best comprise between performance and price. My attraction to this is the 3500W pure sine wave output combined with the remote start capability. It may not be as quite as a Honda but it also is not very loud. The 3500W output is enough to run our 15K BTU air conditioner and has reasonable fuel consumption with 7.5 hours per tank when running at 25% capacity. It also has any RV ready output jack.

 We've had limited opportunity to use the generator this year but what have been impressed with it so far. I like the remote start capability, flip up handle with rear wheels, and the RV ready output jack. Time will be the true test of our selection.


Garmin RV 770 LMT-S RV GPS Navigator 

 Yes, you can use your smart phone for navigation.  There are even apps you can use for RV navigation. My phone is being used for so many different things I just prefer to keep the navigation confined to a dedicated unit.  

 The 770 is a perfect fit for our needs.  It allows you to enter the profile of your RV (length, width, height, etc..) and will route you accordingly.

General features:

  • RV routing¹ and road warnings help guide your RV or towable trailer

  • Use the Smartphone Link app to access live traffic, basic weather and more

  • Hands-free features include Bluetooth calling, smart notifications, and voice-activated navigation

  • Directory of RV Parks & Services; filter campground search results based on your preferred amenities

  • Built-in Wi-Fi for easy North American lifetime map and software updates when you’re on the road; no computer needed

  • Provides elevation profile of your route.

  • Built in comprehensive list of RV parks/campgrounds and services.

  • Traffic alerts and weather reports.

  • Smartphone link that uses LiveTrack that allows you to share your location real-time with friends and family.

  • Provides hands-free interface with your cell phone.

Camco Curved Levelers

 I originally was looking at the Anderson curved levelers but at $85 I was hesitant.  I saw these at half the price so I decided to be cheap.  I regret it!  The Anderson levelers are much longer and operator differently.  They are longer and rock underneath as you back up.  The Camco levelers appear to be the same at first glance but upon closer examination you realize that they are much shorter and don't rock as you back up on them but more of a straight ramp.  This makes it very difficult to backup on them if you need more than an inch or so of lift. I will likely be making a change.


Anderson Curved Levelers

 I broke down and switched to the Anderson Level Blocks.  What a difference!! Backing up on the Camco lLevelers was like backing up on a curb.  These Anderson Levels are sweet!!  Backing up on these are effortless.  Amazing how a good design makes such a big difference.

Planetico Cordless Air Compressor

 I have a 12v air compressor but it is a real pain to plug it in, have enough power cord extension and air hose extension to get to the wheels on the truck and on the trailer. I found this cordless compressor and it's just the ticket. It's rated up to 150 PSI, allows you to preset the desired pressure, digital pressure read out, 2000 mAh battery, two different fill hoses, AC and DC charge adapters, and provides up to 55 liters per minute capacity.

 While I wouldn't use this to fill a completely flat tire it works great for topping off a tire or the air bags on the truck.  Soooo ,much easier than dragging hose and cord around to all the tires.

 Time will tell on the reliability of this product but so far so good. 


BAL X-Chock Wheel Chocks

 The X-Chock fits between the wheels on dual axle trailers. They lock the wheels up very tight, much better than a traditional wheel chock.  A ratchet wrench is included to tighten or loosen the wheel chock.

 It does take more time to install compared to a simple block style wheel chock but they are definitely a more secure wheel chock


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