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My Planes

Flying at Home

Nitro Burners (left to right)

UpRoar V2 with OS46: Awesome plane. Very aerobatic and can handle what ever you throw at it. Removeable mid wings, large control surfaces with big throws, and is very light. The OS46 is a perfect match with this plane and provides great vertical.  The small surface area of the fuselage limits the knife edge performance but otherwise this is a great flyer.

 SBack 342 with OS55: A true aerobatic plane with unlimited capability. Provides a great platform for precision flying. The OS55 is borderline for this plane but is just enough to get the job done. I would like to have more thrust and vertical performance. This plane demands your attention when flying and is not very forgiving. Really have to be careful with the elevator, too much and it will snap on you.

 Classic Stik with Super Tigre 60: Unfortunately RIP for this plane. A brown out between the transmitter and receiver turned this plane into a pile of balsa. This was a real hot rod plane!  The dihedral in the wing made this very forgiving but it also wasn't very aerobatic but I loved flying this hot rod!  While the plane was relatively heavy once it got air borne the Super Tigre 60 made this plane move.  It was a sad day when this piled into the ground :(

Electric Foamies (travel planes)

UMX Turbo Timber: I got this plane for travel. It can fly in a very small space.  It flies with a 1C battery so it's hardly a  speed demon and has limited vertical. If there is no larger flying field available this is the plane to fly. The larger wheels even made landing in the rough possible.  It has safe mode which makes hand launching a breeze.

 Timber X: I really cut my teeth on this plane. The large control surfaces and large throws make this plane capable of doing just about any aerobatic maneuver possible. The large wheels and flaps make this perfect for flying in undeveloped flying fields. Landing this plane is actually a challenge if are going to try a 3 point landing.  As soon as you try to flare to get all three wheels down the plane wants to climb. Sticking to a 2 wheel landing is actually a better landing.

Sonic with Super Tigre 40: This plane is a hot rod!  The plane was designed for a 0.25 size engine and I installed a 0.40. It is a speedster. It flies very well. The roll rate is slower compared to what I am used to but it's acceptable. While not the most aerobatic plane it still is a fun fly and I make it an interesting fly.

 Tober Hobbies Sport with OS55: This is a great sport flyer and the 0S55 is very well matched to this plane with great vertical performance and general acelleration. While the control surfaces are on the small side the roll rate is good and the elevator authority is excellent. The only thing lacking is rudder authority. You really have to work to make stall turns. The larger wing span makes this easy to see in the air.

Home Field Mid-Florida RC Club

Polk City Florida

 Awesome grass field with a large runway and even larger flying space. The only limiting factor is the swamp that runs parallel to the runway. If you get the plane too far away and have a problem you run the risk of losing the plane in the swamp.


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