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The Early Years

 After a couple years of travel with the bike and cargo trailer I decided to build a small camper so we could get off the ground. There are many motorcycle campers on the market but I decided to make our own to minimize cost.

 The trailer served us well and we managed to travel to the 4 corners of the lower 48 with this configuration.

 We also upgraded the motorcycle to a Goldwing to provide a much more comfortable ride for Patricia.  I kept the VStar and use it as a daily runner but the Goldwing is a GREAT ride.

 In 2008 we purchased a Yamaha VStart 1300 and starting travelling the US.  We started travelling 2 up and camping off the bike.  This was an adventurous way to travel.  While enjoyable it really limited our camping experience and the duration of our outings.

 I built a cargo trailer that allowed us to bring 2 key items: pillows & chairs!  Obviously it also allowed us to bring more cloths and cooking gear which greatly increased our enjoyment and duration of our travels.

While the homemade camper served us well it did have a rather high bed and required using a stool to climb in.  We decided to breakdown and open the wallet and buy a Roll-A-Home wide body camper.  This is an awesome rig!  Not climbing up into bed and having a hard floor was a significant improvement from our homemade camper.

 We also purchased the Add-A-Room option that really increases your living space.  Since the room addition is like setting up a tent we only use it when we are staying in one place for an extended period of time.  

 We often traveled 300-500 miles/day for 2-3 weeks at a time.  The cumulative time in the saddle caused significant hip issues for Patricia.  I had to concede  to a change in the way we travel. We decided to switch our tow vehicle from the Goldwing to a Miata.  While I miss traveling on the bike the Miata has been a great way to travel.  It allowed us to travel earlier and later in the season.  The option to turn on the air, heat, or put up the top provided much more comfort will minimal impact on the experience.

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