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2023 Travel Plans

2023 is very similar to 2022, with a slight deviation in spending more time out west and in Texas.

 4-5 weeks in the Black Hill (South Dakota) followed by 4-5 weeks in the Big Horn Mountains  (Wyoming). Balance of our time will be spent travelling to and from with a little extra time visiting Alex in Colorado and some time in Texas.

 Due to the record breaking heat in TX, we altered our plans and ended up skipping our plans in TX.

Maverick Max_edited.jpg

May 15th - Depart Auburndale Florida (The Hamptons)

May 15th- East Bank Army Corp of Engineers Campground

May 17th- Millers Ferry, Canton Bend AL

May 20th- Elks Lodge, Shreveport LA

May 21st- Chisholm Trail Campground, Comanche OK

May 25th- Elks Lodge, Amarillo TX

May 26th- Pueblo KOA

May 29th- Arkansas Point State Park, Pueblo CO

June 5th- Wheatland WY

June 6th- Big Pine Campground, Custer SD

June 13th- Black Hills Dry Camping/Boondocking

June 30th- Spearfish City Campground 

July10th- Big Horn Mountains Buffalo WY

Aug 7th- Arkansas State Park, Pueblo CO

Aug 14th- Oliver Lee Memorial SP, NM

Aug 19th- Abiline TX

Aug 20th- Shreveport LA

Aug 21st- Fort Waldon Beach FL

Aug 21st- Malequite Beach, Corpus Cristi TX

Aug 24th- Magnolia Beach, TX

Aug 29th- Galveston State Park, TX

Aug 23rd- Route home

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