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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

During our travels over the last 5 years we have been looking at travel trailers and trying to identify how we would like to travel. We have been travelling very light for the last 10 years. Travelling on a Motorcycle and Miata with a small camper forces you to think small. We looked at tear-drop trailers, small single axles travel trailers, and larger dual axle travel trailers. We were very attracted to going small but when we started thinking about travelling 6 months, and our aging bodies, we decided that we should have a walk around bed. Getting a walk around bed puts you into a 24' trailer or larger. We spent the last 2 years focusing on trailers in the 24' range. We wanted to keep with something that is 1/2 ton tow-able. We really had our list narrowed to 2-3 options, and then............ We were camping in Arkansas in our Miata/Roll-A-Home camper and 2 Outback 240URS rigs pull in and out comes a motorcycle from each one. That really got us thinking. The one concern we had about going with the trailers we were considering is we would be limiting all of our local travel to the truck. This was a little downer since we have spent the last 10 years travelling on motorcycle or Miata. Both are GREAT ways to explore. We had previously looked at toyhaulers but unless we went real big we just weren't thrilled with the options. This side-load toyhauler really got us thinking. It's 4 feet longer than we were originally thinking but it is still 1/2 ton towable. We did give up on our desire for a walk around bed but since you climb in from the foot of the bed you aren't having to climb over a person to get in or out.

It's not perfect, RV's are always a game of trade-off's and compromises, but this seemed to be the right fit for us.

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