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6/4/2024 Big Bend Dam and the South Dakota Prairie

We had a real nice visit in Minneapolis. We were able to connect with our daughter and meet her boyfriend and also visit my brother during our stay.

We are now heading west with the Black Hills in our sights. We originally were going to stay in the Miller SD city park. However, they had 4 inches of rain and the campsite in the city park are on grass. We opted to alter our route and stay at the Left Tailrace campground that is just below the Big Bend Dam on the Missouri river. This is just north of Chamberlain SD. We have stayed here many times before and it's a real nice campground.

Our stay here also gives Patricia an opportunity to visit one of her favorite quilt shops and catch up with the proprietor.

We will be heading out early tomorrow morning to hopefully stay ahead of the high winds that are in the forecast.

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