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Home Sweet Home !

1930 miles later and we finally made it to my boyhood home of Sioux Falls South Dakota.

We had a wonderful stay in Des Moines and really enjoyed our visit with our special friends Aaron, Jane, and the family. Our time was cut a little short due to the weather delay in Cameron MO, but we made the best of it.

The journey from Des Moines to Sioux Falls was a little tiring with the winds wanting to toss us around a little, but we made it safely to our destination of Grand Falls Casino that is just outside of Sioux Falls. We usually stay at the Big Sioux Recreation Area in Brandon, but I was unable to secure a reservation. This will have to do.

We will be here for 6 nights and will spend some time exploring my boyhood stomping grounds and visiting Patricia's brother before heading up to the Minneapolis MN area to visit our daughter and my brother.

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