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8/17/22 Gunnison River Postcard Moment

I took the scooter out for a ride yesterday and was going to head west along the Gunnison River to the town of Cimarron (30 miles away) to pick up a couple of items at the grocery store. I knew this was a scenic ride, but I didn't anticipate the amazing postcard moments I would have!

As I started out west, I could see threatening clouds in the distance. I quickly determined that I likely wouldn't make Cimarron before I ran into weather. The problem was the clouds ahead of the front were providing amazing scenic views! I stuck with it for about 15 miles before I decided to turn around. I decided to try and make it to Gunnison (opposite direction) for groceries and hoping that I would get back to the campsite before the weather hit. Turns out I timed it perfectly. As I was returning to the campsite, I started to encounter wind. As I entered the camper the sky let out. Not a moment to spare.

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