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Boston or Bust!

We spent a week in Wampatuck State Park in Hingman MA. Just 15 miles south of Boston. We spent our week exploring the coastal area with multiple motorcycle rides, took a ferry into Boston, and spent a day visiting the JFK Presidential Library.

Our day trip into Boston was awesome. We took the ferry into downtown, so we didn't have to deal with traffic or parking, and was able to enjoy the Boston Harbor. We landed right downtown at the Rowe dock which is a short walk away from the tour buses. The hop on/off tour bus was a convenient way to get around the city and see the highlights.

Our first stop was at the USS Constitution, also known as Old Ironsides, which is the oldest commissioned naval vessel. still afloat, in the world. The ship is a masted heavy frigate of the US Navy and was named by President George Washington after the US Constitution. She was launched in the 1797 and is undefeated with over 30 encounters at sea. The ship is still active and has a compliment of 60 active duty officers and sailors and participates in ceremonies and special events. It was interesting to walk the decks and reflect on it's past.

We hopped off the bus again to have lunch and a beer at the "Cheers" bar that was the inspiration for the TV show Cheers. The bar was actually the Bull & Finch Pub but was renamed once the show was on the air.

After completing the bus tour we jumped on the ferry and headed back to Hingman.

A couple of days later we rode the bike into south Boston to visit the JFK Presidential Museum and Library. The Library is situated right on the Boston Waterfront and in a rather impressive building. The museum covers JFK's life from childhood to his Presidential service and his death. The exhibit about the Cuban Missile crisis was very thought provoking. The story was told with actual recordings of the president discussing the options with his staff. We came VERY close to invading Cuba and could have provoked a nuclear response from Russia. Cool heads, on both sides, kept the genie in the bottle.

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