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Love, love our new camper and all the amenities of home - hot and cold running water, a shower, sink and toilet to get done all that needs to occur. It's especially nice that one doesn't have to schlep to the campground rest room, especially in the middle of the night. A refrigerator/freezer to stock up on provisions beyond what will fit in the cooler. However, the beer is not as cold as on ice in the cooler but we'll make the sacrifice.

While I managed to make great meals with one large pot, two stacking kettles and a grill, it's exceptionally wonderful to have all the cooking comforts of home - a three gas burner stove and oven (haven't used yet), AND a two burner stove outside the camper with a small sink. When it's nice weather, it's great to be able to cook outdoors and not have to heat up the inside of the camper.

My cookware consists of a large fry pan, cover and splatter screen, a cast iron fry pan, a medium and small pot with covers and a small (3 quart) InstaPot. I have a 6 quart at home but thought it was too large to bring along. I've used the 3 quart to steam potatoes and rice, boil eggs,cook oatmeal, cook chicken breasts to shred to name a few. Glad I got a small one to bring with us.

In a few more weeks will be sorting through the cupboards to move and/or remove items not used. Already went through my clothes, as I brought too many. However, on our trip we'll be going through spring, summer and fall before returning to Florida. So, may need some of them but time will tell.

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