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Million Dollar Highway $$$

In the late 1880's the Million Dollar Highway was constructed and is part of the San Juan Skyway. Its designation is Hwy 550 and runs from Durango CO to Ouray CO (pronounced YOUray). These 70 miles of road (52 miles as the crow flies) is one of the most spectacular scenic drives in North America. There are no guard rails, and the shoulder is non-existent in many sections, but it definitely is a drive worth taking.

We first travelled the Million Dollar Highway 10 years ago on a motorcycle. I will say the experience on two wheels is far superior from sitting inside a vehicle, but the drive is still worth it.

Due to time, we didn't make it all the way to Ouray but stopped in Silver City for a little lunch before heading back to our camp spot in Mesa Verde. Made for a wonderful day!

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