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I got lost at the cabin........

Lost Cabin Beer Co. that is!

Patricia wanted to go to Bettys Quilt shop in Rapid City. I knew this wasn't going to be a quick stop and there were 2 breweries in walking distance from Bettys. Mmmmm, sit in the car for 2 hours or go to a brewery, what to do?

The decision was made, and I was off to Lost Cabin Beer Co.

I've been to a number of the craft breweries in Rapid City but never to Lost Cabin Beer Co. I don't know what I was waiting for!

This place fits right into the lane that I appreciate about the craft beer experience. The destination breweries are great, but I really like the places that are the smaller scale, more intimate setting. A garage door the opens to an outdoor seating area says it all. I also gauge a brewery by their selection of beers and if it makes it hard to decide what to drink. This place hits on all of my criteria. This place had 24 offerings!! The diversity in the offerings was quite amazing. Pale ales, IPA's, Black IPA's, variety of hazy IPA's, Scotch Ales, Barrel Aged Scotch Ales (both a bourbon barrel and wine barrel option was offered), Hefeweizen, pilsner, Belgian Wit, Barrel aged Saison. Dang, how do I choose?

The barrel aged offerings really got my attention. Scotch Ales are not common, and I was really leaning in the that direction. But I've never had, or even heard of, a Barrel Aged Saison (aged in wine barrel). All are high %ABU offerings so having multiple standard pours was really out of the question, so I opted a for a flight of 4oz pours. I normally don't go for flights, since I like a larger serving to really get to know a particular offering, but this seemed like the only solution to the dilemma.

The barrel aged Saison was such an enjoyable drink, perfect fit for a warm summer afternoon. The high % didn't come across when drinking and could get you in trouble. The barrel aged scotch ales were really amazing. The bourbon barrel was my preference, but the wine barrel version was also VERY good.

I definitely will be back when in the area !

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