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Flag Mountain and Deerfield Lake

I put together a route that I thought would be easy riding in the open rolling hills by Deerfield Reservoir. The last time we were up to Deerfield we ventured north, and it was mostly open, rolling hills.

Turns out the first half of the route I put together was SOUTH of Deerfield Lake and that was a WHOLE different picture. This ended up being the most challenging ride we have taken with sections of VERY steep and VERY rocky terrain. 4WD and LOW gear were a must. The CanAm did awesome, but it was a bumpy ride and challenged the driver (me). Working the large rocks on a climb and descent is a must and you had to stay on your toes. We also encountered lots of water/mud obstacles. Not a problem, just tried to be careful to keep the mud OUTSIDE the cabin.

The experience was well worth it. We had some incredible scenery and also ran across an abandoned mine that hadn't been closed up. We walked 10 feet inside and the temps dropped dramatically. Literally, cool stuff!

Once we made it to the northern section of our route, the roads smoothed out and the terrain opened up. We climbed up to the Flag Mountain Overlook and was rewarded with an amazing view of the area surrounding Deerfield Lake.

I wasn't able to capture photos of the challenging part of the route, I was too busy driving!

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