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It's a Bear!!

Trish and I were sitting around inside the camper after dinner enjoying the beautiful evening and view of the river. Dishes and cores were done and we were just settling down for the evening. We heard a noise and Trish walked over to look outside our door (door was open but the screen door was closed) and let out a loud scream. a big black bear had poked his head thru the screen door! Trish backed away from the door and I quickly moved to the door and started yelling at the bear. He didn't seem in a hurry to move away but he backed up enough that I could reach out and pull the outside door shut.

The bear continued to wander thru the campground and poke around other campsites. He walked out onto one of the docks and started to approach a fisherman (bear got within a couple feet of the fisherman). He started yelling at the bear and got him to turn around and the bear headed back thru the campsites. I called the police and a local officer arrived just as the bear wandered into the brush at the back of the campground. This campground is in town and bear sightings are really unheard of here. Not sure what brought him here and if he is still hanging out in this area. Does make us a little hesitant to go outside after dark,

Now I have a screen door to repair :(

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