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Mountain View Grand Resort

Our personal tour guide (Steve) took us on a Grand Ride to the Mountain View Grand Resort. We headed south following scenic Vermont Hwy 102 along the Connecticut River. This is an awesome stretch of road with wonderful views of the river and the White Mountains on the New Hampshire side of the river.

Our first stop was to see a rock crusher in action and Sam running the front-end loader. Quite the impressive machine! It was also fun to see someone run a front-end loader like it was an extension of themselves.

We continued to take the scenic route to Lunenberg VA, Whitefield NH and on to the Mountain View Grand Resort.

Mountain View Grand Resort has a breathtaking view of the White Mountains and the Presidential Range (including Mount Washington). The resort was established in 1865 and provided an elegant setting for families and couples for many years. Hard times forced the sale in 1979 and eventual closure in 1985. The facility had become run down but was restored to its previous glory after a $20 million renovation in 2002.

After enjoying sitting out by the gold course we headed for home. Of course our tour guide took us on the scenic way home thru the Lost Nation.

While this was only a 63 mile ride, it took us 3 hours! That's a definite reflection of how enjoyable our time was.

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