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Spirit of the Suwannee River - RVillage Rally

The Spirit of the Suwannee River Music Park hosted the RVillage Rally 2.0. The music park is a very special park that is both a music venue and campground that is located on the banks of the historic Suwannee River in northern Florida. There are multiple music venues on site that can accommodate hundreds to thousands. This was a great site for the RVillage Rally.

The short drive (185 miles) from our new winter home base was a perfect way to kick off our 2019 travel season. The 5 day rally was packed full of seminars and social events. I've never been to a pot luck that was 150 feet long!!

The evening "Firebirds" were the highlight of each day. These incredible metal structures were first presented at the 2011 Burning Man. There were 4 "Firebird" structures and one center structure that created a very unique "campfire" environment. People would bring lawn chairs and spend the evening socializing. What a great way to meet people! Live music on the final night made the Firebird gathering even more special.

The final night also had music at the Amphitheater by the New Christy Minstrels. This group was formed by Folk Writer/Singer Randy Sparks in 1961. The founder of RVillage, Curtis, was a previous member of the New Christy Minstrels and made for a very special evening. Randy Sparks is now 86 but still had a very good sense of humor and was very entertaining.

We met lots of great people! Look forward crossing paths with David & Connie, Dee, Ann, Jan, Grahm & Betty, and Laura & Geoff in the future. RVillage is a great social platform to keep track of each other and help ensure our paths do cross again.

This was our first rally and we had a GREAT time!!!

Tomorrow we head to Crooked River State Park in Georgia.

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