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The Jersey Shore

Mile after mile of groomed beaches with mostly small towns scattered along the way with a few not so small towns mixed in (Atlantic City) is my abbreviated description of the Jersey Shore. The Jersey Shore is the coastal region of New Jersey that covers roughly 140 miles of coastline from Delaware Bay in the south to Perth Amboy in the north. This is mostly developed coastline with many boardwalks, amusement parks, lighthouses, and other recreation opportunities along the way,.Definitely a vacation mecca.

We stayed in a campground just minutes from Avalon Beaches located 30 minutes from Atlantic City and 60 minutes from Philadelphia. Our original plan was to spend 2 weeks in the area but our stay was extended to a month due to medical issue that needed to be resolved.

Morning walks on the beach, touring the various communities along the Jersey Shore and Philadelphia, checking out a few breweries, and normal daily living became the focus of our stay.

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