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Things are a changing!

Flexibility and adaptability are critical attributes if you are going to survive extended travel. I previously made some significant changes to our schedule but now an even bigger change is in front of us.

We were scheduled to spend a week in Gardner MT, which is at the north entrance to Yellowstone. If you have been paying attention, massive rains have resulted in Yellowstone Park shutting down and closing all entrances. While we aren't scheduled to be there for some time, the damage to the roads at the north entrance are severe.

Making last minute schedule changes can be a challenge. I book sites months in advance due to the heavy pressure on the campgrounds.

I was fortunate enough to keep an existing reservation over the labor-day weekend. Holiday reservations are a nightmare and book MANY months in advance, being able to keep the holiday reservation was a big life saver.

Took a few hours out of my day to make it happen, but I finally was able to get it to come together!

More details to come......

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