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Ups and Downs

Full time travel is not the same as a permanent vacation. At some point, when you go on vacation, the vacation ends and you return home to take care of the mundane. Grocery shopping, house cleaning, maintenance, repairs, bills, medical appointments, etc. When you are living a life of travel these things don't go away. In fact there are additional burdens. Planning on where you will stay next, making reservations, deciding what sites to visit, and managing the budget are all big parts of full time travel. Decision fatigue is a reality with all of the planning that is required when full time traveling.

Dealing with medical issues on the road is another challenging aspect of travel. Trish has been dealing with some health issues lately and was trying to get an appointment with a Family Doctor while we were in Lewes Delaware. All of the clinics had new patient appointments out 2+ months! Urgent care wasn't any help since they didn't do blood tests etc. and referred us to the emergency room. You wonder why health care costs are so high when they refer you to the ER for non-life threatening issues. Fortunately when we moved on to New Jersey Trish was able to find a clinic with openings and even found a specialist with an opening. All of this definitely takes extra effort to make happen.

These challenges were not a surprise to us. We had done our homework and have set our expectations accordingly.

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