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Vermont / New Hampshire Ride

I expected a little ride with Steve and Barb to see some of the local sites, instead I receive an epic 85 mile ride with beautiful scenery, 3 covered bridges, and quaint towns along our way. The smooth roads, light traffic, and great tour guide (Steve) made for a wonderful afternoon.

Highlights of our ride:

1. Steve and Barb's home base.

2. Groveton NH and covered bridge.

3. Followed scenic Hwy 110 to old iconic New Hampshire town of Stark and the covered bridge, church, cemetery, school, and WW2 German Prison camp.

4. Followed the scenic Androscoggin River on Hwy 16 and cut over to Dixville Notch. Community of Dixville Notch is the first in nation to vote. 100% of the eligible voters arrive before midnight and immediately vote at the strike of 12 and the results are posted nation wide.

5. Cut over to Colebrook and followed scenic Hwy 102 on the Vermont side along the Connecticut river back to the campsite.

Simply a terrific ride.

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