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Where Are We? Big Horn Mountains- Grouse Mountain

We have landed in the Big Horn Mountains! We shuttled the CanAm from Spearfish to Buffalo on Sunday and put into our storage unit. Moved the camper on Monday and picked up the CanAm once we got settled into our campsite.

We are located in the flats between Grouse Mountain and Hospital Hill at an elevation of 6900 feet. It's a wide-open area with a beautiful view of the mountains and the valley below on the eastern edge of the Big Horns. This is not a campground, and the ground is rough with tall grass. I decided to use our utility trailer as a "deck". Works pretty good!

This is one of the few places in the Big Horns that has cell reception.

We will be in the Big Horns for 4 weeks, but we will likely stay in this spot for a week before moving to another epic location.

We plan to stay here for at least a week before moving on to another site in the Big Horns.

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