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4th of July Celebration!

We didn't win the lottery for tickets to Mount Rushmore but we were winners. We spent the evening with good friend Jean who is work camping in Keystone and her campsite had a direct view of Mount Rushmore and main street Keystone. We got to witness Air Force One fly over before landing at Ellsworth AFB, Marine One helicopter bringing the President to Mount Rushmore, B1B flyover, F16's from 114th SDAG flyover (Dad's unit), group of helicopters flyover, and finally the Blue Angle flyover. What an inspiring moment. We also got to witness the excitement on main street. It was refreshing to see the crowds CHEER when a police car went by and BOO when ever a protest vehicle went by.

We listened to the inspiring speeches by the Governor of SD and the President of the United States before witnessing the spectacular fireworks display over Mount Rushmore. What an evening!!

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