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6/30/2023 Back to Civilization !

We have moved from our idyllic campsite in the southern part of the Black Hills to the Spearfish City Campground at the north end of the Black Hills. The move was mostly uneventful. We did drive thru a thunderstorm during our move but fortunately we didn't have to take down or setup in any real rain.

Quite the culture shock to go from an isolated campsite to a campground in the middle of town with everyone stacked in. Of course, it's nice to have water, power, sewer, and close to numerous amenities. We have been coming to this campground for 10 years and really love it here. While it is a little cramped, it doesn't feel like you are in the middle of town. Spearfish creek runs through the campground and the historic D.C Booth fishery is right next door.

We will be here for 10 days. Not as many off-road trails in the area, but enough to be able to do a little exploring. We also have some family coming in for a few days. Should be fun.

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