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Back to the Sunshine State 8/21/2023

We left Shreveport at 4am to beat yet another high heat forecast. We made it back to the state of Florida and are at Fort Waldon Beach. We are staying at the Elks club that is on Santa Rosa Island, right next to Destin. The Elks Club here is really nice and in a great location. The beach is right across from us and there is beach on the backside of the club as well.

We didn't stop for breakfast or lunch, so we were a little hungry when we got here. We headed to Stewby's Seafood Shack and had a great lunch.

We couldn't figure out the extremely high traffic and police presence when we left Stewby's. Turns out, Gov. Desantis is speaking at a motel right by us. Guess we will have to put up with a little traffic today.

Since we had 3 travel days with a 4am start, we are going to stay here for 2-3 nights to recover a little before we have our final push for home.

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