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Got to be FLEXIBLE!! 8/17/2023

Our original plan was to leave here Friday and head to Padre Island in Texas and spent 4 days dry camping on the beach, move on to Magnolia beach and spend another 4 days dry camping. Finally, moving on to Galveston Island and spend 7 days camping. Texas is in the middle of a record heat way with heat index of 115+ degrees. We would be forced to run the generator 100% of the time to run the air conditioner while dry camping.

We knew this plan was a little risky, but the current weather conditions in Texas is beyond what we are willing to tackle. We would just be holed up in the camper for the duration of our stay.

Soooooooooo. We have altered our plans and will be taking a more direct route towards Florida. We will be only staying in sites with electric hookup, since the temps will still be hot. Our current temps have been right at 100 degress. The air is keeping up but you have to run the air 100% of the time to keep the temperature at a reasonable level.

Our stops will be Abilene TX, Shreveport LA, Hattiesburg MS, Fort Waldon Beach FL, and home.

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