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7/1/2023 Yup....It's a GREAT Day!!

The weather forecast for the day was perfect with no rain in sights. Now that we are at a lower elevation, the heat is coming on. Nice welcome change.

Patricia wanted to stay put and do a little sewing so I decided to do a little adventuring. I headed over to Wyoming and started my journey following Sand Creek. The ride along Sand Creek is gorgeous, starting with the Sand Creek Recreation Area, and followed by a number of beautiful estates. The most noteworthy is Ranch "A". The grounds are beautiful with lots of history. You can check it out here Ranch A. The route I took also passed through a number of Gulches (Thompson Gulch, Manhattan Gulch, Williams Gulch, & School House Gulch) and brought me to the Cement Ridge Fire Tower with some spectacular scenic views of the Black Hills. It's a short jaunt to the South Dakota boarder once I left the Fire Tower and I started my journey back home. I made a brief stop at Iron Creek Lake to get a refreshment before hustling home on Tritton Road.

The journey took 3 hours with a total of 69 miles. For the most part the trails/roads were in relatively good shape, allowing for a rather high average speed of 24mph. There were only a couple of spots that were rough.

A great day!

One of the many Gulches along the way.

and beautiful valleys

Cement Ridge Fire Tower was a definite highlight.

a brief stop at Iron Creek Lake

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