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7/15/2023 The Western Edge

We ventured out yesterday to explore the western edge of the Big Horn Mountain Range. We trailered the CanAm 20 miles west to Deer Haven Lodge and started our exploration.

The trails started with the typical topography of the Big Horns. Views of beautiful mountain peaks and grassy valleys were abundant. The climb up forest road 24, through at least a 1000 head of cattle, lead us to the exit from the Big Horn National Forest and into Wyoming public lands. As we hit the crest of the climb, and were exposed to the western view, the scenery changed dramatically! It was literally like a line was drawn and the landscape changed from green forested mountains to a desert type landscape.

We were blessed with the vast view of the west, deep gorges, amazing rock formations, and some incredible colors as we worked our way to the small town of Ten Sleep. We were rewarded with a cool beverage at the Ten Sleep Brewery and some fry bread and nachos from Lindas Taco food truck. It was a wonderful break in our ride.

We followed Forest Road 18 back up thru Ten Sleep Canyon to return to our vehicle. The entire trip was 51.3 miles, took 3.5 hours, with a max elevation of 8738 feet and a minimum elevation of 4335 feet. The temperature was 60 degrees when we left and 85 degrees when we arrived in Ten Sleep.

Overall, this was just a wonderful afternoon!

The beautiful landscape of the western edge of the Big Horns

Contrast the above to the last view of the Big Horns before we crossed over to the western edge.

If you look closely, you can see the trail coming down

Satellite view of our route

Ten Sleep Brewery nestled at the base of this beautiful red rock formation.

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