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7/29/2023 Lunch on the Trail

Beautiful weather today so we packed a lunch and went exploring with the CanAm. We spotted what looked like a structure of some type down in a deep valley so we decided to go check it out. The trail down was rough and very steep, fortunately the CanAm was up to the challenge. When we arrived at the bottom we found an old cabin. Seemed like an odd place for a cabin. Turns out this cabin was built in the late 1800's as a shelter by a local rancher and was used during the summer when the sheep and cattle where grazing. There was a natural spring 100 feet from the cabin so I guess this might be a decent place to hangout in the summer.

If you look carefully, you can just make cabin down in the valley.

After doing a little more exploring, we stopped at the Tie Hack Reservoir for a little picnic lunch. The warm weather brought out a number of paddle boarders, kayaks, and fisherman. Lunch was delicious!

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