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8/3/2023 Another Move!!!

We had planned on staying at the site we moved to a few days ago until we depart the Big Horns. HOWEVER, the forecast is for heavy rain and flash flood warnings for the next few days. The site we were at was located just past a previously washed-out section of road and while it was "repaired" the section of road was very soft and you would sink significantly as you drove across. We were concerned that with more rain this could get even worse. We were also located in a draw that had a small creek flowing thru and were also concerned that this could potentially be an issue. So, we moved.........again.

We just moved up Forest Road 31, closer to Hwy 16. This is a more popular area, but rain should not cause any issues.

While the rain is inconvenient, the clouds that come with it does make for some interesting views.

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