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8/6/2023 The Party is Over!

It's with a little sadness that we departed the Big Horn Mountains today. We took the CanAm into Buffalo WY for a quick bath and tucked it away in storage. We were in the Mountains for 4 weeks and the time just FLEW by.

We leave with lots of great memories.......

- numerous picnic lunches in some incredibly scenic locations.

- enjoyed live music at Ten Sleep Brewery along with a couple of visits with picnic lunches.

- our friend Jean came for a visit. Always a special treat when we get together.

- enjoyed an afternoon watching a Polo match in Big Horn WY.

- Patricia spent a number of Wednesdays at the quilt shop, community quilting.

- numerous trail rides exploring the mountains.

- 4 really amazing campsites.

- Spent a week with Aarons and his family, A really special group of people.

We leave with no regrets.

We are in Wheatland WY city park for the night and will move onto Pueblo CO tomorrow.

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