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$$$ Ouch $$$

Preparations for 2020 is kicking into high gear. We anticipate a lot more dry camping (no electric or water) this year given the direction we are going. Being energy independent does require special equipment and preparations. The biggest change required is in the battery bank. We currently have lead acid batteries that provide adequate capacity for our daily needs. The problem is the recovery time of lead acid batteries. The charge current drops off dramatically as you approach full charge and the amount of generator time to recover is way too long.

We are starting with 2 BattleBorn Lithium batteries, 3000W Victron Inverter/Charger (allows for future expansions), and 600watts of solar. I used a Victron battery monitor last year to profile our usage and this system should cover our daily power needs without using the generator on a sunny days. On days without sun the generator time is limited to 45 minutes which is totally acceptable.

The big advantage of being power independent is the ability to stay at some of the most amazing back country locations.


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