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It's been a couple of weeks and now that the nightmares have subsided, wanted to comment on our black bear experience during our stay on the Connecticut River at a large marina. It's heavy urban - houses, businesses, restaurants, and two large marina's on the River - several hundred huge boats in dry dock and in the water.

It's dusk - 8:30ish, I'm standing at the kitchen sink in the camper and hear something hit the side of the camper, then I hear it again, look around at the entry door and theirs a bear sticking his head through the bottom of the screen door and HE'S COMING IN!! I scream, Chris bolts from the couch and is shouting and clapping his hands to get him out. He wasn't moving very fast but did back out and took off towards the docks. Several minutes later we hear shouting - the bear walked out onto the dock towards a guy fishing - he had fish. The bear did run away but he became way to friendly or unafraid for heavy populated area. Contacted the Sheriff, they came out - not too concerned about the issue but the officer did see the bear. The next day the Game and Wildlife Department was in the campground looking for him. Poor Bear!! Poor Trish!! We were NOT suppose to meet. Glad he didn't get in the camper, as it would have been one-hell-of-a-mess! Oh the dangers we face in the wild! Oh, wait a minute, it was in the City. I can go a long, long time before having to deal with a bear.

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