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Adventure It Is!!

It was a beautiful evening and Steve was going to take us on a little evening ATV ride. Edna was going to ride with Steve and Trish and I were going to ride the side by side. As we were getting ready to leave Norman (Edna's husband), Gary (Norman & Edna's son) and his girlfriend Dawn show up and they want to go along. The more the merrier.

There is countless miles of trail accessible from the slice of paradise we are staying at. While we have ridden ATV's we have never really been in the rough. The ride started on old logging road roads. While these can be a little rough they are relatively easy riding. We then depart the logging roads and take some very rough ATV paths. Steep, rocky, narrow, lots of brush, make for interesting/fun trail riding. We eventually run into David, who's family owns 900+ acres of land in the area. He proceeds to act as our tour guide as he takes us down to the Connecticut river and to a variety of back trails that even the "guys" weren't familiar with. We travel to a couple of cabins in the woods, a few ponds, and some interesting terrain.

A quick little evening ride turned into a 21/2 hour adventure and we didn't arrive back at camp until well after dark. What a blast! We feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity. This will be a memory that stay with us for a long time.

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