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Cement Ridge.......Epic!

What an epic ride today! Longer than most rides at 4+ hours / 77 miles but I was rewarded with some really beautiful views.

I started the route going down 863 that goes thru the Sand Creek Recreation Area and Ranch A Fishery. Unfortunately, it was a 15-mile journey just to get to my starting point.

863 was a nice road that eventually narrowed after going past Ranch A Fishery, but the road conditions were excellent. Once I turned off on Pole Cabin Gulch that changed. The path was quite rocky. Not the big stuff, but enough to slow things down. There were also a number of significant mud puddles that kept things interesting. Fortunately, I made it thru with no issue. Finally got to the cut off to Cement Ridge Tower. I was coming from the "back-side" and the path was steep with lots of large rocks. Got to be a more technical climb to the top. The CanAm does an amazing job climbing in low and 4-wheel drive.

Fortunately, the effort was rewarded with an amazing view at the top! The Cement Ridge Tower is an active fire tower, and you can see for miles in all directions.

After departing the tower, I headed to Iron Creek Lake so I could take a little break with a snack and beverage.

I head back west so I could go thru Triton and see a couple of ghost towns/mines.

I finished with a ride back on the Wyoming side, along Boundary Gluch.

Today was a hot day, but fortunately it wasn't bad until I came out of Boundary Gulch and on my last leg home.

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