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Closer to the Heavens

What better way to spend our last day in New Hampshire/Vermont then a motorcycle ride up to the top of Mount Washington with some great friends! We had a perfect day with clear sunny skies. The temps at the top were a comfortable mid 50's.

The ride to the top is amazing but views at the top and during the ride down are epic. The road is steep, with no guard rails, and does require a little focus. The biggest challenge on the ride up was a car that was going 10 mph which can make riding on 2 wheels a little challenging (no passing allowed). The ride down is also a little challenging when you get behind a slow car requiring you to brake instead of letting the engine to the work. Have to be careful so you don't overheat the brakes.

The trip totaled 110 miles and took us 5 hours and 40 minutes. Of course this included time at the top to explore and have lunch.

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