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We had a beautiful morning and got on the road ahead of our scheduled 7am start. The roads were good, winds were light and the traffic was light. We were within 1.5 hours from our destination and then it happened! I look in the mirror and I see smoke coming off the drivers side rear tire of the travel trailer. The TPMS isn't showing a problem so I'm a little confused but I immediately pull over and discover we had an axle failure. This axle was replaced last fall and only had 2K miles on it.

Fortunately, I purchased roadside service as part of our Escapees membership. I get on the phone, clearly described our situation, size and weight of the trailer to the dispatcher. It took over an hour for them to find a tow service for us but I was a little concerned about the text message sent regarding the service coming so I called them directly and they were sending the wrong equipment. They didn't have a flat bed big enough to take care of us. So, we ended up pulling the wheel off, strapped up the axle, and proceeded to drive 40mph on the Interstate for 26 miles to a shop. I was concerned about over-loading the other axle but everything survived the journey.

The shop has electrical hookups so we can at least stay here until they can get our rig fixed. We don't have water or sewer so we need to conserve our usage.

We are now in a wait and see mode until we find out an estimate of when they can get to us.

The technician who looked at the axle said it looked like the axle was rusting from the inside out like it had been sitting in water!!! He didn't see any evidence of over-stress of axle being bent but rather a clean break. We also didn't have rough roads so I'm thinking we got a POS axle.

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