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Finally, a little Adventure!

We've been in the Black Hills for two weeks and haven't had a chance for any real "adventure".

The first week was taken up with maintenance on both the side by side and the travel trailer. A stretch of rainy weather took away some of the free time we had available. The 2nd week was consumed by shopping, closing, and moving to our new travel trailer.

But today we FINALLY got an opportunity to go out exploring the area around Jewel Cave National Monument. It was BEAUTIFUL! Our journey took us to the bottom of Hells Canyon and followed a route on Lithograph Road.

On August 24, 2000 an enormous wildfire started just west of Jewel Cave. Named the Jasper Fire, it burned a total of 83,508 acres in the southern Black Hills and approximately 90% of the land area of Jewel Cave National Monument. The impact of this event was still very evident during our journey. Lots of new growth and the forest is slowly coming back.

It was a great day!

The trip was only 20 miles but managed to take 90 minutes to complete.

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