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Franconia Notch

Yesterdays Grand Mountain View ride was just a warm up for our week-end rides.

Sam and Donna joined us on the ride as we headed to the Franconia Notch. Of course with our seasoned tour guide (Steve) took us on the scenic route!

It seems that out east they call a mountain pass a notch. No matter what you call it, the Franconia Notch surrounds you with beautiful mountain peaks. The only thing more beautiful is climbing to the top of Cannon Mountain with the panoramic view of the glorious mountains. Donna generously provided tickets for the aerial tram at Cannon Mountain which provided an easy climb to the top (we are truly blessed to have such generous friends).

After going to the top of Cannon Mountain and riding the notch we supposedly took the direct ride home. Frankly the ride home was just as beautiful as the ride down. I guess that's the nature of the beautiful area. Can't throw a stone without seeing beautiful country.

Another testament to this beautiful countryside It took us 4 1/2 hours to go 100 miles, but what a 100 miles it was!

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