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Who knew that Maine has GREAT donuts? A place called The Holy Donut (3 locations around Portland, Maine). They make a multitude of donut flavors out of potatoes - its a heavier, firmer donut, like what Mom made, at home - not the fluffy air donut like Krispy Kreme. Between the two of us we ordered 4 different donuts to get a "flavor" for the product. I had a Lemon Blueberry with a powdered sugar glaze - Yummy!!. A Triple Berry with a pink, purple glaze - think raspberry, blueberry and strawberry mixed together - Yummy, Yummy!! Chris had a Chocolate with Coconut carmel frosting - triple YUMMY!! A Cannoli stuffed with cream cheese and sugar glaze - quad Yummy!! We stopped for a 'late' lunch and glad we did, as we were FULL of donuts, long into the evening. Hence, a light supper. There were even more flavors of donuts that would be fun to try - i.e. Maple and Bacon, Wild Blueberry, etc. but our waistlines cannot handle too much FUN!! Highly recommend a donut stop when in the area. Oh, and the coffee was excellent too!

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