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Home on the Range- South Dakota

We spent a total of 49 nights in South Dakota during our travels this year. This is the most I have been in SD since I was a kid (born and raised in Sioux Falls). We really enjoyed our time in this beautiful state. East River, West River, Missouri River Valley, Black Hills, Badlands, doesn't matter. It is all beautiful! It is with a little sadness that we are departing but the weather for the last 2 nights has reminded us of why we like to leave as winter approaches.

We have experienced wonderful times with family, friends, and amazing campsites during our stay. It didn't matter if we were camping in the amazing Buffalo Gap National Grasslands adjacent to the Badlands, in the Spearfish City Campground, on the Deerfield Reservoir, on the Missouri River, or in downtown Keystone, the experience was wonderful. I'm so grateful that we experience the Black Hills Roundup in Belle Fourche and the Buffalo Roundup in Custer State Park. We really got the sense of the West River culture.

We don't know what tomorrow brings let alone next year but I can say we will be back to this country at some point in the future.

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