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It's not even Thanksgiving!

I got my first turkey and it was a big one. Unfortunately I didn't have a hunting license and I used the front-end of my truck for the kill. There wasn't much left of the bird. I was expecting there to be some damage to the plastic that's below the bumper but that was all fine. The grill on the other hand took a little beating. I figured I would wait until we got back to Florida to deal with the repair but apparently the shutter assembly behind the grill and in front of the radiator was damaged and I ended up with the check engine light coming on. I first took the truck into the Chevy dealer in Chamberlin SD and they identified the code being related to the shutter assembly. They didn't have the parts on hand to repair so I ended up getting it fixes in Sioux Falls. $1000 later and the truck is repaired!!

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