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While we were cruising down I-90, just outside of Murdo SD, we hear a loud boom and the trailer ride starting feeling rough. I look in the mirror and see a large tire carcass flying down the road. Fortunately we have dual axles on our trailer and it tracked perfectly and didn't cause any white knuckle moments. The blown tire was on the driver side and I wasn't too thrilled about changing the tire with my back to the traffic. Fortunately the rim was clear of the ground and we were only about a mile from the next exit. So we crawled to the exit and found an open parking lot to change the tire. Whole thing set us back about 40 minutes.

The surprising thing is I have a TPMS and monitors pressure and temp. All was good up until the moment the tire blew. I also upgraded from a 14 inch wheel with a load range D tire to a 15 inch wheel with a load range E tire. We are WELL below the load capacity of our tires! After checking some reviews on-line for the tires we have on our trailer I find that this isn't an isolated incident.

We made it to our final destination outside Wall SD and I contact M&M Lube and Tire and I was in and out in 10 minutes with a new tire.

Hope we have better luck with our remaining tires.

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