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Eureka Springs AR is the home of the Great Passion Play. I remember going to the Black Hills Passion Play when I was 5 or 6 and thought it might be interesting to go see as an adult. Unfortunately the Black Hills Passion Play is no longer but thought it might be interesting to go to the Play in the Ozarks.

This facility is much more than a play. The Christ of the Ozarks, the Holy Land Tour, Moses Tabernacle in the Wilderness, a section of the Berlin Wall, the Church in the Grove, the Bible Museum, the History Museum, and the Sacred Arts Museum, God with Us Movie, Noah's Ark Park Petting Zoo, Hiking Trails, and Mountain Bike Trails are also on the grounds. Many come and spent the day or week-end taking in all of the sites. We opted for the buffet dinner before the play and the play.

The set is quite remarkable. The setting in the hillside really creates a large landscape that is viewable by the audience. The cast is incredibly large and use of live animals was very effective. The dialog is all pre-recorded and the actors are mouthing and physically moving to the recording. This was somewhat distracting to me but doesn't take away from the telling of the story. The play start as the sun goes down to make more effective use of lighting.

If you are willing to suspend a critical view the play is quite moving,

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