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Polo in Cowboy Country?

When I think of Wyoming and horses, I think of rodeos, roping, bronc riding, and all of the typical cowboy adventures on a horse. Come to find out Wyoming is home to one of the oldest Polo clubs in the country and has been in Wyoming for 120 years! The club home is at the Big Horn Equestrian Center that provides the beautiful polo fields but also supports all type typical western horse disciplines.

Polo matches are held Sunday afternoons and are open and free to the public. This was an amazing tailgating activity; you pull up your vehicle along the field, pull out your chairs, and watch the action. During the break, the spectators go

out onto the field and stomp the divots.

Between matches we were entertained by "Cowboy Polo". The field size is shrunk considerably, and local ranches challenge each other. A soccer ball is used along with brooms! Let just say this was entertaining!

The beautiful horses and the horsemanship displayed was so enjoyable to watch. What a way to spend the afternoon!

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